Ironic love affair part 6

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Chapter VI: Front roll center

It was a cold night out when this mythological spark like effect hit my room in the basement of my Mother’s house. I can see my breath as I rose on to my feet. There was nothing that could pull me away from this inborn mission I was on. I felt like I floated across the floor to the entrance of my quarters. I seemed to be flying up the stairs until I reached the kitchen. I mean, was I in a trans or not.

Everything from that moment is just a blur until that striking moment when I opened my truck door as if the world of love was about to happen. I have done this plenty of times before. However, for some reason, this time was so very different.

I paused for a moment as I looked down the road in the direction I was about to travel. One leg at a time, I entered my vehicle then fastened my seat belt. With both hands on my wheel, I sat there looking around all the snow that filled the city streets and city sidewalks, wondering what might be out there if and when I took off. With one hand I turned the key to the start position as the bright red truck fired up I roared my motor a minute.

From the key, I moved my hand to the gear shifter while pausing another moment I dipped my head and was like all systems ready then dropped it into drive. It wasn’t long before I pressed the gas to move forward on down the street I looked down before. Once to the corner, I made my turn onto the road that leads me to paradise.

“Onward Christian soldier driving onto war” went thru my head, and it was good as you should know I was changing the words to the song. By the time I reached the main road I had turned on the radio to see what was playing, and it happened to be Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers although I knew the band I can’t remember the song playing. That set the element upright as I drove to the corner store into a parking spot right there. She was walking away from the store in my direction.

She comes up to my window and asks me what’s going on with you tonight. I look at her and say I couldn’t sleep right. I left my home for a little drive to find that this spot here was still open. So she looks up and away, then revealing how beautiful she was looking in an upward position towards the moon speaks on how chilly it is outside.

With compassion and loads of mercy on my heart, I ask her if she wants to get in and warm up a bit as my shiny red truck was nice and warm inside. She responded with yes, I would. However, I actually would like a ride down the road as well if I didn’t mind.

I said sure, let me let you in as I opened my door to let myself out one leg at a time. I walked the girl around my nice and shiny red truck with my hand on the shoulder and then opened her door for her. I stepped back to get a good look at her place one leg at a time into my shiny red truck. Back around my vehicle, I went looking into her sky blue eyes as she was looking right back into mine.

I wondered if that was something taught to felines, or was it inborn to all-female creatures of God on this planet. I have seen this look all so many times before as it remains a fact to me, the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. By the time I got back to my side of the vehicle, I had thought no matter what, I should give this girl my number and get her. However, I did begin to pray that she did have a cell phone or some way to contact her.

So I opened up my door to get in and paused a moment before jumping as I asked her what her name was. She looked at me with a smile and said, Danielle. I was like Hmm, would you like my number as my thoughts were (what would I do if I was out with one of my other girls and she did call me). She was like sure as she was breaking out her cell phone. I began to thank God and jumped right into my nice shiny red truck as well.

Although I was single while driving Danielle down the road, I remembered Brie, who was a lot younger, and the fact. I did drop her off to another fellow one night after we went out on a date. I thought about what would happen, and if it meant to be, it meant to be. Mostly I kept thinking about what was right or wrong with being what I was.

So I had a slice of the humble pie going on in my mind instead of offering a decent date. I asked the girl where we were going? She says to me go ahead and pull off any road you like, so I smiled and found a lovely cove a sack type road and turned down it then pulled off the side of the way.

Now listen up here. All of this happened during the weekend, and this rodeo round-up wasn’t my first attempt as I got to tell you the felines are not always available like that. When I began the job in my first week, I met another just about the same way. She told me she had a boyfriend at the time we met. Confused enough, that leads me to believe there might be a mild chance. Maybe I could find someone else at the party.

I might as well take another moment to talk about a few of my short term relationships. I call this one my little Joan Jet as this newly found feline, and she resembled each other in so many ways. I found her not too far from where I lived hanging out by the local store. I went in through the drive-through for a smoke pack to come out, seeing her staring right at me. So I turned right out the drive onto the main road. Then I pulled up on her and asked if she needed a ride or something.

She was like sure, so as we went down the road, she and I talked all day long into the night. She told me where she was from and how she got here. I let her know I was making good money and wanted to spend some time with someone. So I asked her if she was cool with that, and she said yes, she sure was. I was relaxed, so we hung out for like four months before we went our separate ways.

I got another sweetie pie story from my past about a feline I pulled up on that was into the same sort of thing as she tried to deny it at first, which is why I took her under my wing for about six to eight months. I can’t remember the amount of time it was. I was working pretty hard that summer, making a lot of money.

I went for it longer-term than usual. I usually go about 2 to 3 months before I move on. I don’t know if this particular relationship with this feline was love or not. However, we did have a lot of sex, morning, noon, and night. Not just at home, she was like a freak as she and several other felines I had been with loved having romantic love and exotic like sex outdoors I guess it helped to make us one with nature. Sure we had several regular times, like dinner in some of the most exclusive places.

We were hanging out with friends enjoying sharing meals. That was nice. I would call my friend and ask him what you are doing for dinner tonight, and they would say like corn bees. I would be like what would you like for us to bring. They would let me know a can of corn or green beans with a few potatoes.

I don’t know what’s normal anymore since my earlier years. However, I will say friends came and went, so I was sweating out just about everything. I have down in the presence of felines. These days of my life get spent letting people know what I have been recently writing to you about my different felines. It has been kinda like the song “Everything I do I do for you.” I have to admit to you is what goes through my head.

When I was a teen, I put in a reasonable effort into an older feline and felt I sex was all she wanted. It was like a dream come true except I dropped out of school to be with her. Not to mention, she went and murdered my children by having abortions. Sure we were both young, although we were young that did not have to take place even though it did. I didn’t have much to say on either account. Many of you might have seen some of the many different types of vampires movies. Brawn Strokers is how I felt about felines for the past 30 years.

Now we are back in the present time of the story as the weekend was over, and it is Sunday night the first night of the week. We all showed up for work at the same time just about, and that might find multiple colored blonde hair felines that worked next to me started to come up to me and ask me how I was doing?

I told her I had a lovely weekend and met a mighty beautiful new employee. At first, she probably didn’t know what I was talking about or did she. I did let her know that I more or less met a nonprofessional working girl. I didn’t realize quite what to do other than be honest about what I was doing.

All night long at work, the radio would play many types of music. Some of the music was different types of a love song, and sweet mixes of female vocals undoubtedly helped the night go by quickly. I don’t fully remember their song’s names, nor can I recognize the persons singing the song. However, I was able to keep my mind on track about felines.

The look that beautiful feline had on her face. When I told her about my new found employee, Danielle still haunts me today. I sure wish I could have been more open. I was just as usually scared of not knowing what would happen if we got together. Mostly long term thinking always made my thoughts tremble.

Now in time, I found out more about this divine feline who worked right next to me. Not only did the girl have a grandstand body. She had several beautiful daughters that looked as if they were grown adults at the time. Not as good looking as the Mother, though. My jealous redneck goofy buddy told me that he feels she was on drugs as well. However, he and she did get together a few times from what I found out. He ended up being a crackhead himself.

Two weeks have gone by, no, and I did try to call that number that Danielle gave me. I left a message telling her who I was, not telling her I was hoping we could get together sometime soon. We continued to work with all of us while socializing with them. I became almost nothing for a long while. That’s when my co-worker Stephanie decided to have us all meet for breakfast at McDonald’s. Sure enough, a lot of the co-workers wanted to join in.

The breakfast was such a successful event we all agreed to do the same thing each week. My co-worker Stephanie looked so uniquely divine as everyone that was joining our crew had seemed to make her the center of attention to me. Yet I found out something else several people were talking to me about different things in life. I was amazed that several of them were interested in some of the things that I have done with my own life.

I also called this area about the same time I had gone on another hunt in the enchanted forest. The way it was, I only found myself not seeing anyone. I was about to give up when she was walking right down the street all of a sudden. With nothing going on with me, I pulled up on her and asked her if she would like a ride. She was like, yes, sure I would like to ride with you, and away we went.

Now at first, I wasn’t entirely sure who she was, so I kindly asked her what her name was and once again. She looks forward then down with a bashful look in her eyes. This time she almost whispers her name “Danielle” once again, and I was so excited I yelled out, “DANIELLE!!!” What’s going on? Shoot, I had your number why haven’t you called me back?

She told me she has not been able to find her phone, so I look at her and goes hmm. My thoughts were it seems and if we won’t be in contact much. Now that’s when she broke out a pen and paper and wrote down my number.

I wasn’t too sure to give her the right number or what. However, I did, wanna see where we might go if I did give her my name. I am not sure how much time has gone. However, I will say that the rednecks’ young, prime, and charming daughter had a lot of genital men trying to get with her. I don’t remember this kid’s name, although I did pick him up for work any time and then dropped him off at home.

He was with that mighty fine little girl named Tony a few times. However, they didn’t last very long, though, as she came in and said he was breaking up with her. My heart dropped at first. She might have been a little on the scruffy side, but she did clean up very thoroughly.

There was another person whose name is Matt, and he was very tall, slim, very mature for his age. He seemed to fit right into our crew of people that we built up. After work, we had already been meeting once a week for breakfast on Fridays. This new guy Matt asked several of us over to his place. We all thought it was a lovely gesture, so we all went for it. There we all were sitting in his living room.

I have to admit I felt like I have been in that room before no lie. We all sat around, had a good time drinking coffee and eating donuts, and chatted about different things. Then all of a sudden, I realized something about this sweet, adorable young lady. I could not figure out what it was. However, several months later, the truth came out. Matt was pretty upset about coming home from work early one night and catching his wife in bed with someone else. That was when I realized she was the girl that had said she had a Boyfriend.

That hit home because I came home once myself to find another man in my house. As soon as I opened the screen door, I knew I saw a mustache on this guy’s face, so I knew there was a male in my home. I seemed to have blinked out because by the time I got inside all I saw was three felines. Two of them were my friends from the neighborhood, and one was my girlfriend.

That live-in girlfriend of mine got put through a lot by me. We went out one night, and she was on the dance floor with another man. I got to admit surely I didn’t particularly appreciate seeing that crap. I have reminded myself how I picked these other felines up, wondering if she and Matt were still together.

Well, come to find out that a hard-working genital man called Matt was married to that girl I picked up.

There was no way I wanted to say a thing cause Matt was a lovely guy. He did not need to go to jail for acting out on something he did in revenge for how badly his woman treated him. I just recently started telling people about it. I hope writing about it might help get some of this stuff off my mind.

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Patrick Olson

Stories from me come from living in a small metropolitan community. Life seems to change all the time. I hope you enjoy them all as they are all real.