Ironic love affair. part 4

Keeping life at hand is rewarding, with great work ethics out in the field of glory.

Patrick Olson
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Chapter IV: Maintaining business

Once I started getting the business, I was looking to get one. I didn’t have too much of a problem getting help. Some people were asking if I could work with somebody in their family. I was starting, and sincerely wished I could have had enough employment to employ a lot of people back then.

I hired my Nephew and others who had a hard time finding work because of past police records and whatnot. All I know is that I was in the transparent running of an LLC company that I had registered with the state, and that kept me happy in my first year as well.

I worked a lot of hours, and the pay went up and down, not to mention it came and went. I was pretty thankful I still had my fixed income cause I probably would not have made it my first year. As the season was coming to an end, I did worry a little bit about having something to do to keep me busy.

I did look into a plow system to move snow, but winters around here don’t always drop a lot of snow. Sometimes there is too much snow as I have to laugh. I only wish I could have afforded a plow for my truck. Several told me that it would tear my Chevy S10 up. I didn’t want to do that. I wished I would have, but I heard some of the young boys in the neighborhood praising each other on getting a job down by the Goodyear airspace center.

That area is now called the air dock area. There is a lot of history there, and people have told me it has the third-largest free-standing structure in the world. I know it, and a lot of you probably know it as the Goodyear Hanger aerospace dock. It wasn’t the most glam-work once again, but many people received an honor once again to work in recycling. All I did was go from one company to another while putting together my own company.

It was lovely to be able to put money into my Nephew’s pocket as he was a very young man to me and has impressed me in so many ways. I hope he can always find a way to keep his head up. Once I got myself into the company, I also got my Nephew to sign up as well. He might have been slow to start, but the supervisor loved him and took him under his wing. It was great seeing him work so hard being a very young man that he was.

Now I did have big dreams of what to do for my company. I also knew that I was the type of person to give up easily or mess up badly. As spring approached, I felt the need to get a CDL just in case everything else failed me. I wasn’t always a law-abiding citizen. I had a bad driving record and a mildly bad criminal history. I only hope and pray that the young and up and coming might not do what I had done as I go through a lot of guilt and desire to live it down someday.

As time moved on, I was looking into ways to economize my finances. I was thankful for the bank I went to that was suitable for small businesses and had meager insurance rates. The low prices helped out as everything cost me even to employ some of my crewmen. They required me to buy lunch, and I was more than happy to do so because many of my previous employers did just that for me.

Going into my second year was very interesting as my newfound friend L.L. Had introduced me to one of his employers. A tree cutting woman as she was so full of grace and a tough, strong working female as well who’s name might be hard for me to spell, but it is Sophia. She, too, had fallen in love with my Nephew and asked him if he needed a job.

People I mean to tell you I might not be able to find someone to have kids. However, my Nephew was probably one of the greatest things to happen to me when it comes to children. I watched him grow up as well as develop and tried to help lead some of his paths. As I said, I sure hope he does well even when I am gone.

The season had gone very well, and once again, towards the end, I wasn’t sure if I should get a plow or not. I want to tell you more about preservation work, and the people whose lawns I mowed as I am just going to say to you. I am leaving that up to you to check into for yourselves. I will say that part of it in my area involves winterizing the home unit and a lot of remodeling. I was looking forward to getting into some demolition work. However, an eyesore to some is another s favorite place for dreams.

I will say one more thing about my Nephew before I move on with the story. There was this one house that had water damage on the roof. The water flowed from the roof into the basement, destroying many parts of this home structure. By the time I reported what I could, I had a bid on the jobs in as much detail as possible. The company was interested in putting me on top of the roof of this three-story home structure and covering up the leak that caused all the damage.

Once I received the notice to tarp this roof. I took my heavy-duty pick up truck down to Middle-bury Chapel, where the staff let me borrow some letters that were very tall indeed. I loaded them onto my ladder racks that sat on the bed of this Ford F-350. I surely was proud to have learned a thing or two from my grandfather about the latter’s I wish I weren’t so stubborn, and rebellious when I was a younger man. I then loaded up my tarps and lumber needed to tack down this tarp onto the roof of this three-story structure.

I grabbed my Nephew for this job as I didn’t think it would be much of a problem. That was until we got back to the property scheduled to work done to it. I forgot if it would make me feel uncomfortable looking up to the top of the structure. Looking down isn’t going to be much more comfortable as this structured home was a very tall one indeed.

I can tell you I had to reset the latter many times before we got on top of the roof. There was just too much in the line of being unstable for my Nephew, and I to climb up. I finally found a way up. We put a ladder in front of the porch to get on top of the porch roof.

Then we set another ladder on the roof and climbed on to the top of the three-story structure’s main roof. Going up the side of the house was probably the best bet, but I am not much of the gambling type. I am just glad we were able to get on top where there was still another problem yet. Oh, my Nephew took to being up there like a fish to water. He had a huge happy smile on his face as he ran from one side of the roof to the other, looking down. I couldn’t even handle that. I got on top, and my knees locked up on me.

I called the preservation company and told them I could not handle being on that roof. There was no way I would let my Nephew do the work I could not do myself. I am just thankful that the preservation company did go ahead and had another crew do the work I could not complete. I wish I had more faith in the young one now. Later on, my baby brother took him under his wing as he was a supervisor for a significant commercial roofing company.

There he was able to prove to himself he was able to work in high up positions literally. I got to admit they sure were trusting me with a lot of different types of jobs. They had me go in a bid on remodeling a four-unit two-story apartment structure. I had to call my old friend and work partner Big Bruce to help me put a request on this unit. Even though I had to tap out of that kind of work, it is tough on a single person to do all that I did in those two years. Preservation work might be fun if I had a female partner that could keep up with me, and I think I found one as you are getting closer to reading.

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